The Highs (and Lows) of Running a Kickstarter Campaign



When we launched Hogger Logger’s Kickstarter campaign on August 12, we were optimistic, if a bit apprehensive. Any anxiety we had was quelled when we raised $1,350 on day 1. “Holy crap, we are on pace for $45,000!” We knew that wasn’t sustainable, but it still gave us a lot to be excited about.

While day 2 wasn’t as productive ($725), it was still an encouraging sign. Day 3 rolled along with $271, followed by day 4 with $371. Days 5 and 6 weren’t as successful (a combined $196), but day 7 was huge for us with a whopping $1,232 (we can attribute that to the Gen Con effect).

For those keep tracking at home, that put us on pace for $20,725. More than double our goal of $9,500.

We chugged along for the next couple of days by raising another $808. And then we hit our first slump. $82, $120, $80. That was broken up by a day of raising $449. But then we hit another slump: $53 and $150. That too was broken up by a day of $652.

At this point halfway through the campaign, we figured we had a pretty good grasp on our funding trend. We would receive a bunch of backers in a day, a moderate to low amount the next couple of days, followed by a big spurt the next day.

And then the prolonged slump hit us. The one that everybody warned us about. Here is what the next 10 days yieleded us:

$79, $119, $101, $157, $60, $39, $38, $128, $101, $211


Hogger Logger’s Daily Funding Chart


To the naked eye, those numbers might not seem too bad. But for a project in which we had hopes of over-funding and hitting many stretch goals, those numbers were not pleasing. Halfway through the campaign, we were trending towards $20,000 in funding. We expected to reach our goal a week before the campaign ended, and now we have 4 days left and at press time, have another $900 to raise.

Full disclosure: We fully expect to reach our goal and we are incredibly thankful for our backers who have helped make this a reality. We are beyond humbled that over 200 people believe in us enough to throw their hard earned money at us. It’s kind of a weird feeling.

However, we still wonder why we weren’t able to over-fund and reach a goal closer to $20,000. In our first column after our Kickstarter is over, we will examine how we got ourselves into this situation. There are many things we should (and shouldn’t) have done to change our fortune. We’ll explain each one so you don’t make these mistakes in the future.

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