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Hogger Logger challenges players to guess if the next Number card is “Hogger” or “Logger” (higher or lower) than the previous Number card. The game moves quickly as players must decide whether or not to play Number cards from their hand to change the odds, or match numbers to draw special Action cards. The player who can correctly guess the last Number card wins!


“This game is fast and FUN FUN FUN to play! The kids loved it, the adults wanted to play it and everyone had a blast.”
-Today in Board Games

“This simple game packs a huge amount of fun.”
-Geek on Radio

“I have a feeling this game will be on my shelf as long as I have a shelf.”
-Bower’s Game Corner


How to Play

What’s in the Box?

About the Creators

Ryan Shapiro, Charlie Winkler, and Shawn Duenas

Ryan Shapiro, Charlie Winkler, and Shawn Duenas

Ryan Shapiro – Long before Hogger Logger was a twinkle in his eye, Ryan was performing magic and mentalism at corporate events, parties, and more. A graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey as well as the University of New Haven, Ryan has leveraged his degrees in psychology to be able to get inside people’s minds and discover their innate desires. If only he could predict winning lottery numbers…

Charlie Winkler -Charlie Winkler comes to board game design from a music teaching and 911 dispatching background. Like his Hogger Logger co-designers, not a trace of hogging or logging is present in his resume. His chief responsibilities in the company include theme song writing, brainstorming, Uber taxi caller, meeting punctuality enforcement, costume purchaser, and moral support. His favorite strategy games include: war, tic tac toe, connect 4, Hogger Logger, and Diplomacy (but nobody wants to play that one with him because it “takes too long”) Other fun facts include: his ability to play almost any instrument, he was once a competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player whose main character was Peach, and he can quote nearly every line in the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson.

Shawn Duenas – Shawn is a twin. In an attempt to make himself more unique, he recently decided to get lumberjacked and grew out his beard. Unfortunately, this has gained him the title of “the evil twin™.” Thanks Obama. When he’s not trying to find his own way, he works as an engineer, helping people sleep at night by making trains quieter. He has an amazing visual eye (and shockingly long eye lashes) and uses it as Hogger Logger’s chief creative officer. From a young age he’s enjoyed entertaining audiences. From video productions to stage plays to creating card games, the audience always comes first.