“It’s a great game that we enjoyed playing during our family game night, but could be just as enjoyable casually with friends and maybe a few adult beverages as well.”

“With the easy-to-learn rules and family-friendly premise, you could easily bring this out at any potential get-together and play.”
Tabletop Gaming News

“Just when I think I’ve played them all, something like ‘Hogger Logger’ comes along that reaffirms my faith in the gaming community.”
Dad’s Gaming Addiction

“It’s a fun, funny, fast, light game that’s worth every penny I spent on it.”
The Nerds’ Table

“I like Hogger Logger an awful lot. I have a feeling this game will be on my shelf as long as I have a shelf.”
Bower’s Game Corner

“It has that nice, memorable fun experience without having to read a giant rulebook.”
Undead Viking

“Hogger Logger has the potential to become a family classic next to other popular games like Uno or Phase 10.”
Crit Confirm

“This game is fast and FUN FUN FUN to play! The kids loved it, the adults wanted to play it and everyone had a blast.”
Today in Board Games

I taught it to my 6 year old daughter, and now I have to play it almost every day…this simple game packs a huge amount of fun.”
Geek on Radio

“It was easy enough for my 4 year old to play with us, and the kids really got into the whole guessing/playing cards/guessing aspect of the game…It’s a fun game for the family to play without too much of a time commitment to both play and learn.”
Purple Pawn

“I am fully expecting this game to be found on the same shelves as Fluxx, UNO, Apples to Apples and Magic the Gathering. Yes, it’s that good.”
Tom T.

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Hogger Logger @ International Toy Fair NYC